Kirk Overbey, PRP Professional Registered Parliamentarian
  Parliamentarian Services   Meetings Facilitator   Organization Consultant


specializing in . . .

        School Boards
        Corporate Boards
        Association Boards

        Political Conventions
        Association Conventions
        Stockholder's Meetings

including . . .

serving as Parliamentarian at meetings
      serving as Presider over meetings
      interpreting Bylaws & Rules
      constructive debate
      instruction & training
      conflict resolution
      writing opinions
      expert witness

"Better procedure
leads to more order.

More order means . . .
less confusion, 
less discussion, 
and more output."

are the Owner's Manual for an organization.
                                  Are yours user friendly?

Agendas are the Game Plan for a meeting.

             Are yours effective and executable?

I want to help your organization succeed!

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